Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs !

First of all what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is basically marketing of things, products or services using digital technologies like website, apps, games, social media, ecommerce etc which essentially need internet or digital connection.

Believe me, If you’re looking to build a career in digital marketing or switch from your current job to digital marketing domain then there is huge demand of digital marketing professionals across industries right now. Plus, there are a lot of different career avenues in this area, each quite varied in terms of skills required, aptitude and natural abilities of a person.

In digital marketing field there are variety of jobs available which you can pick and build your carrier depending on your interest, skills and ability.

Listed below are some of the areas where there is increasing demand of digital marketing professional with a very handsome salary with a great potential of growth.

  1. Digital Marketing Managers
  2. Content developers and strategists.
  3. Web designers and developers
  4. SEO & SEM Specialists
  5. Social Media Marketing Specialists
  6. Data analysts

Digital Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing Managers are the lead roles in digital marketing industries. With many years of experience and a successful track record digital marketing managers can reach upto the leadership roles as CMO’s , VP’s, Marketing Directors etc

An effective Digital Marketing Manager must have a solid grasp of everything to do with marketing and business. They need not have technical knowledge like developer or content writer but they should know what is required in terms of great content, on what platform, in how much quantity at what time and all.  

They must have proven experience in strategic planning and execution including creating a digital marketing strategy for the company, as well as financial forecasting of the plan. Since they lead a team of other professionals they should also be able to delegate while taking risks, hold firm on decisions, and plan for the future through leadership and analytical ability.

Content Developers and Strategists

Content development is the main role of any kind of business who is looking for success in digital marketing domain that is why it is widely said that “Content is the King”.

Content is what pulls you audience towards you. There are basically three forms of content first is text format, second is image format, and third is video format. Content is required everywhere without a proper engaging content you can neither have visitors who would love to visit your website again and again nor you will get followers on social media and gaining visitors and followers is the main purpose of digital marketing. So there is a huge demand of content developers in digital marketing field and is a critical role.

What a content developer or strategist do is that he focuses on understanding his target audience and their needs and then formulize content strategy to fulfill that need. He must have done some kind of content writing course, graphic designing course or video editing course.

The second thing a content strategist do is to plan and optimize this content for different platforms because different platform need different strategy for example if the content is for website or blogs then it should be a SEO friendly content whereas if the content is for social media then it should more be focusing on engaging content.

A god content strategist should himself be a good content developer; he should be an expert text content writer as well as a great graphic designer or video editor. If he posses these skills then he can lead a team of content writers, graphic designers, video editors and produce variety of content to feed the need of digital marketing channels and that is what is required in digital marketing strategy.

Web UX designers and developers

When there is so much of content getting developed in terms of text, images and videos then it becomes important to present it in a perfect way to the intended audience through variety of websites or through Apps. Their main job is to get a perfect website for the business and maintain its quality.   

A User Experience (UX) designers or web designer plays an important role in project management for visual design and testing of website. His focus should be on the usability of a website or application to improve user experience from start to finish, they are focused on understanding the website from a whole marketing experience, and so need to understand audiences as well as have an in-depth knowledge of the offered product or service.

Web UX designer or developer should have a very good technical knowledge and experience through website development course. The more creative and more experience they have the demand for them goes on increasing. With so much of competition among websites and with so many screen sizes and new technology the role of web designers is critical and important for any company.  The latest technologies are AI design, 3 D Design, Animations, Virtual Reality Design, 360 degree design are very lucrative carrier options with very high earning potential in future.

SEO and SEM Specialists

Since more and more people are using variety of search engines especially Google for finding what they require so most of the business will want to rank higher in these result to reach their potential customer who is searching for the product and services themselves, that means a highly convertible customer.

And here comes the role of SEO and SEM specialists. They are the SEO professionals who will be responsible to rank their business higher and higher among so many competitors on the search result which is a very crucial job for success of business.  Anyone who can demonstrate results will be the highest earners in this field.

What makes SEO and SEM role more lucrative is because this is difficult to specialize and the one who can do it will always be in demand. Why this field is tough because search engine algorithms are always fluctuating. The person must stay up-to-date and understand how the things are changing and what will be the next strategy to consistently have a higher position. The job can get more complex with so much pressure in some cases like e-commerce websites and those that depend on website traffic for profits.

A seasoned and experienced SEO/ SEM person is always in very high demand and is indispensable in any business so earn very handsome salary.  

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but is also a great way of digitally advertising your brand and your products. With the huge number of online users, which is almost 59% of the world’s population, companies understand that they must not miss out on their chance of marketing on these digital forums where they can reach all the maximum number of potential.

So there is a very important role that is played by a company’s social media marketing specialists. He helps company to learn about their target audience, their likes, dislikes, and interests so that they can create a better marketing strategy to attract more such customers.

A social media marketing person use social media to create brand name for the company, do market research for the company, promote his products and services on social media as well as manage better relationships to the followers. This in turn helps company grow its fans and future potential customers.

Now a days companies have understood that most of its target audiences are active on social media and it social media is the best way to showcase their products and offering and that is why social media marketing specialist job is crucial in any company.

Data Analysts

Data analysts work with data to help their organizations make better business decisions. For every business that is doing digital marketing there is lot of data that is getting generated on daily basis form the traffic which is coming to the website.  Now the question arise how may people are visiting website daily is it increasing or decreasing, from which locating the traffic is coming , from what type of device, how much time people are spending on the website and which product page? Like this there will be thousands of questions which if answered then a business can take better decisions. And without answer the things may be going here and there blindly.

Who gives answers to these important questions is the data analyst of the company who collects the data, analyze the data, and report actionable things.

They create reports, dashboards, and other visualizations on data associated with customers, business processes, market economics, and more to provide insights to senior management and business leaders in support of decision-making efforts. Data analysts work with all manner of data, including inventories, logistics and transportation costs, market research, profit margins, sales figures, and so on. They use this data to help the business estimate market share, price products, time sales, optimize transportation costs, and the like.

The Data analyst job become very crucial and very important in bigger organizations and there is very high potential of growth, incentive as well as a attractive salary.

So these were some of the hottest digital marketing jobs where there is high demand of professionals you should be working on to create a bright future for yourself. No matter what you choose to specialize in, every company needs people with digital marketing experience. Even if you’re not technically minded, there are still plenty of opportunities to develop your dream digital marketing career.

If you are interested but feel that you are not qualified for these jobs as of now, Don’t worry!  There are plenty of ways to learn new skills and upgrade your existing one to make yourself fit and qualified for these opportunities.

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert

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