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Advance Digital Marketing Course ( ADMC )

Join our flagship training Advance Digital Marketing ( ADMC ) which is 3 Months course making you a fit professional for digital marketing field with website development, graphic designing, video editing ,  SEO, PPC, SMM and more Modules

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Advance Digital Marketing Course

Advance Digital Marketing Course
Duration – 3 Months ( 90 Days )
95% Practical + 5% Theory
Classes – Monday to Satturday
90 Mins of Training Every Day
Course Fees – Rs 18000/-
Installment Option Available
Offer – Pay Fee only 15000/-
Advance Payment

Course Details

This is a complete training for advance digital marketing starting from basics to advance level making you a suitable candidate for digital marketing profession offered by Hashtag Academy Dehradun.
This is totally projects and assignment oriented course, with this course you become a google certified professional and acquire skills so that you can apply for different digital marketing jobs and start your career in this field.
You will also be learning skills to earn money online from home through different techniques.

Course Content

After This Course You Will

Advance Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Introduction to Marketing

First of all we introduce you to the fundamentals of marketing. 4Ps of Marketing, Importance of Media in Marketing, Variety of Medias available for marketing, Why digital Media is better than traditional Media.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

We now introduce you to digital marketing, Scope of Digital Marketing, variety of ways in which digital marketing is done, Different platforms of digital marketing. Carrier opportunities in digital marketing, opportunities in digital marketing and more.

Web technologies – Digital Footprints

In this module we introduce you to web technologies. You will understand fundamental of a website. You will practically learn how you can take domain name and how you take hosting for your website from various service providers.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

WordPress Website Development

In this module you will learn wordpress website development. Installing wordpress in your website, Creating pages, Using themes, Using plug-ins, Customization of Website and more. With this module you become a website developer and can develop your own website in wordpress r for others too!

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Search Engine optimization ( SEO )

Learn the techniques to rank your website in google. This module includes keyword research, meta tag optimization, On Page Optimization, Off Page optimization, use of latest SEO Tools and Techniques.

Also Learn Google My Business for listing you business in Google Maps and rank It for more leads.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Photoshop Graphic Designing

In this module you will learn Photoshop to design images for you website, social media or wherever you require. You will acquire the knowledge of graphic designing and can create images for any purpose.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Content Writing / Content marketing

In digital marketing it is said that content is the king that shows the importance of content that means if you become a content creator, content writer then there is a huge scope for you. Content can be of three types text, image or video content. In this module you will understand content , qualities of a content that make it successful, way to write or create a perfect content for your website, blogs and more.  Content marketing is all about creating and sharing valuable and informative content that includes blogs, videos, infographics, images, and many more to reach out to the target audience. Generating the content following the right strategies by focusing on the targeted audience would help you drive great traffic to your website. You can become a blogger and earn money and there are many more applications of content by which you can earn money.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

In this section students will go through the introduction to Social media, what is social media, variety of social media as per their popularity, the best fit social media for variety of objectives. Importance of social media, how to use social media effectively for success. Learn success mantras of social media marketing, Viral marketing and more.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Facebook Marketing

This advance module is dedicated to mastering the Facebook social media platform. Learn Facebook algorithm, how Facebook work and how, when and which posts are populated on a persons Facebook timeline. How you can use this knowledge to put your post on someone’s timeline. Tips and tricks of Facebook. Facebook page creating and growing it organically. Also students will learn paid advertising sponsored campaigns of Facebook for achieving objectives.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

YouTube Marketing

This module is dedicated to learning how to use YouTube for marketing. How YouTube works, how you can create personal or brand channels on YouTube and manage them. Learn how to upload videos on YouTube. Manage your channel from YouTube studio, check insights gain more knowledge. Grow your channel, gain subscribers, monetize your channel and earn money from your channel.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

Video Editing

In this module students will learn video editing for which we will give you a free video editing software. After learning video editing they will be able to create great videos for their own website, Facebook, Instagram, reels etc or for their YouTube channel to become a YouTuber. You will learn script writing, storytelling, video shooting techniques, about equipments and more. Then you will learn using the video editing software to create video sequence, adding video, cutting video, adding audio, applying effect, creating layers, adding other elements , transition effects and more to produce a final video.

  • Internal Assessment Test
  • Project Work

PPC Advertising

This module will teach you how to run search display and video advertisement on internet for paid promotion of your product and services. You can generate leads, get sale, do announcement or create an advertisement for brand promotion. Learn to creat campaigns , manage campaigns , create effective ads, monitor performance and optimize campaigns for better results.

  • Internal Assessment Test

E-Commerce Marketing

Hashtag Academy Offers ECommerce Training. This comes under money making ideas that you will learn in the course. You can apply your knowledge of digital marketing to use it for successfully running an ecommerce business as well as you will learn how to become seller on amazon and get orders from amazon.in  and earn money.

  • Internal Assessment Test

Affiliate Marketing

Learn to use affiliate marketing to earn passive income in this module. Affiliate marketing is doing marketing of products and services by creating your affiliate channels. Learn how to dot it. Alternatively you will also learn how to use affiliate marketing by becoming affiliate of other business and earn income.

  • Internal Assessment Test

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a program where you can earn money by setting up your own ecommerce business without spending anything on inventory. In this module you will learn how to do it and earn money. This is application of digital marketing for earning income.

  • Internal Assessment Test

Google Adsense

Learn to monetize your website blog YouTube channel through Google Adsense. Learn which are successful ideas, which are better areas , better territories , better platforms to earn more income through your passion. Manage your Adsence account and earn money everyday , no limit on how much you can earn daily.

  • Internal Assessment Test

Google Webmaster & Google Analytics

In this module you will learn Google webmaster and Google analytics. These tools are essentially used for performance monitoring of your activities. Monitor SEO Performance of your website, Check traffic of your website, check the quality of traffic as per location, age, check vital stats of your website visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rates, page index and much more. By understating this data you will be able to take better decision and create better digital marketing strategies for your business.

Google Certification Exams

In this module you will undertake online Google certification exams and earn Google certificate for yourself and become a Google certified digital marketing professional.

Internal assessment

In this last module we will be doing your assessment based on various internal exams that you have taken. You will take final exam. We will ensure that you clear all the exams , wherever you will be lacking you will get extra classes and more support. The support extends to lifetime.

Project assessments

In this course you would have done many projects till now. Its time to check all your projects and ensure that they are all complete. You will get all help to complete your projects if they are not complete yet.

CV Creation and Interview preparation

Now we will create your digital portfolio ( CV ) which you will update on all the leading job portals. As well as submit it to the Companies which we will be sending you for interview. We will be providing you 100% placement in the companies that we have tieup , but you need to ensure that  you have passed your internal assessments and completed all your projects to show.

Placement, own business setup, freelancing support.

Hashtag Academy Dehradun is one of the oldest and most recommended Institutes for digital marketing in dehradun. For last 6 years we are providing quality training to our students and making them industry ready and placing them in companies that we have tieups with and every day we are adding up companies in our list who are recruiting digital marketing professionals from us.

Apart from placement we will also guide you for your own online business or freelancing work to earn money.

Incredible Offer, Digital Marketing Course Fees In Dehradun Starting at Only Rs. 5000 Per Month !

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