CCC Computer Course in Dehradun

Get Qualified for Govt Jobs, Govt Samvida Jobs or Private jobs.  Learn fundamentals of computer technology, prepare yourself to appear for govt exams and also get govt recognized certification in computers through our CCC computer course in dehradun.

Master Computer Basics

CCC Computer Course in Dehradun

ccc course in dehradun
Duration – 6 Months Total Course
50% Practical + 50% Theory
Classes – 3 Days a Week
120 Mins of Training Every Day
Course Fee only 2000/- per month
Advance Payment
computer course in dehradun

CCC Computer course in dehradun details

This course is a Computer Certification Course (CCC) . To qualify for govt or private jobs learn concepts, fundamentals, word, excel, PowerPoint and more get certificate. The aim of this CCC Computer course in dehradun is to provide basic level computer Literacy to anyone who is interested irrespective of educational qualification or job profile.

The skills that you will attain will make you eligible for jobs in various functions at companies, government departments, NGOs, Agencies and more. 

This CCC Computer course in dehradun is a very good course for students, housewives, small business persons and anyone looking for early jobs in the growing field of IT and computers.

After doing this course you can further go for government recognized certification exams like NIELIT Exams which will be boost further in your career.

After this course you become eligible to apply for jobs of 

  • Computer Operators
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Computer Teachers
  • Receptionists
  • Lab Attendant
  • Computer Assistant
  • Customer Care Executive
  • And many More….
CCC Computer Course in Dehradun - Syllabus
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Who Should Do This CCC Computer Course in Dehradun?

This course can be done by anyone who is interested in learning the basics of computer technology and want to become eligible for variety of jobs where computer knowledge is required, like data entry jobs, receptionist jobs, Office Admin Jobs, Computer Operator Jobs in various private as well as government agencies and also BPO/KPO Jobs. This course is recommended for students of arts, science, commerce as well as for already graduated people looking for jobs. Housewives looking to starting job can also do this course for job purpose.

Will CCC Computer Course Help In Getting Govt Jobs

Yes. There is large workforce of computer operators, data entry operators, lab assistants, ticketing executives, computer operators jobs etc required directly by government or by government agencies. A CCC certificate help you in getting the jobs easily and makes you qualified for applying for such jobs.

How is CCC Course in Dehradun Conducted

The CCC course in dehradun conducted at our institute is combination of some part of theory but larger part is practical where you will sit and do the learning on computer.

Is this CCC Computer Course for beginners or experts ?

This CCC Course in Dehradun is for beginners. CCC course makes you eligible for various entry level jobs that is why it is of low fees and gives you more benefit because there is a lot of demand for people with basic computer knowledge.

Why is Hashtag Academy the best institute for CCC Computer Course in Dehradun.

Hashtag Academy Dehradun is one of the best institute and most recognized institute providing you variety of courses related to computer as well as digital technology. We are 4 years old institute with best of infrastructure and expert teaching faculty.

What is the scope of CCC Course?

CCC Course if having lot of scope. First of all this is a beginner level course which makes you job ready at earlier stage with no special qualification required. Secondly it is a short duration course so you can complete it within 3 months. Moreover with CCC Computer course from our institute we prepare and help you for government exams so that you also earn government recognized certificate. After this certification you become eligible for varous more jobs and a bright career.
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Beyond Basic Computer Skills:

While the CCC course provides a solid foundation in computer concepts, venturing into digital marketing opens a whole new world. You’ll learn:

  • Content Creation: Craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Engage with customers and build brand loyalty on various social platforms.
  • Website Optimization: Ensure your website ranks high in search results and attracts potential customers.
  • Data Analysis: Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

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