Dehradun – The Education hub Of North India


Dehradun, as the name comes in our mind it give picture of a clean green and very charming city !


Yes it is Indeed a very beautiful city. Situated in the valley of Himalayan range , surrounded by green forests and picturesque perfect location and spots , first of all dehradun is one of the top tourist destination in India.


On Top of that it has traditionally been the educational hub of India with many top government and other institutes having their presence here and some of the top personalities of India being alumni of schools and institutes of dehradun.


In the last decade Dehradun has evelved into a very prominent educational hub of north India receiving students and scholars for Delhi, Punjab, J&K , UP, MP, Haryana, Rajasthan and from far off states like north east and Karnataka Kerala also. 


So if you are also looking for education planning of your ward or you yourself is planning for further study then you should consider Dehradun as your educational destination. The reason why we are saying dehradun are mentioned below. 

Reasons , why dehradun is considered education hub of India,

First of all consider yourself as the student who is going to take the education and going to spend some of the important years of your life in the city. Then you will understand better as to why it should be Dehradun.

Clean Atmosphere and Good Climate

The first and foremost thing that will attract you is the climate of dehradun. The good climate and quiet environment make it a superb place to do studies which a student always want.

Low Crime Rate

Dehradun is considered as one of the safest cities in India. Thanks to the family culture and native people of dehradun that makes it one of the lowest crime city. Students can focus on studies and can move around the city with full safety for both male and female students.

Top Educational Institutes Since Long

Since Independence and afterwards dehradun is home to some of the top government as well as private educational institutes of the country. The prominent to mention are Indian Military Academy , IAS Academy, Forest Research Institute, Survey of India, Doon School and More.

Hub of Boarding Schools

Not only day schools but dehradun and nearby areas like mussoorie is home to some of the top boarding schools in India. Students from various states of India as well as foreign countries have chosen dehradun as their educational adobe.

Low Cost Of Living

For students coming from outside for studies it is very important to consider their day to day expenses of boarding and lodging. Dehradun is still considered as a affordable city as compared to other metro cities. The cost of living here is low with low rentals for PG or Rooms for students. Also you will get clean and hygienic food at very affordable rates. The city is small with good transportation system so you will not have to spend much on travelling. All these things attract students from other places to dehradun for study.

Various field of Study

Whatever is you plan of study you wil find ample number of institutes where you can take admission with ease. From Day Schools, Boarding Schools, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges , Arts ,Science Commerce Colleges you will find all type just explore and connect with them.

Certificate Courses and Training Institutes

Apart from regular schools and colleges dehradun is also hub to various coaching and training institutes. There are coaching institutes for admission to Civil Services, Banking, Defence and more.

There are trainining insttutes giving you trainiging on vocational course like computer education, Graphic Desiging, video editing, digital marketing and more.

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