Scope of digital marketing course in dehradun

scope of digital marketing course in dehradun

About Dehradun

Before we talk about scope of digital marketing in dehradun lets us first talk about dehradun.

Dehradun is a beautiful peaceful city an is the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, near the Himalayan foothills situated in a valley famously called Doon Valley. The center point of dehradun is Paltan Bazar or Ghanta Ghar around which the city started flourishing. At present dehradun is the largest city of uttarakhand and is the first choice of people to settle for jobs educational or economical purpose.  Dehradun now boast a vast infrastructure development with its limits reaching far in the east towards rishikesh haridwar , in the north towards mussoorie and in the west towards vikasnagar. Dehradun is fast becoming a hub for tourism activities for uttarakhand with a well connected Railway Station , Bus Terminus and an Airport in terms of transportation services. Dehradun is famous for its schools and educational institutes apart from agricultural products.

Economy Of Dehradun or Uttarakhand as Such

The economy of uttarakhand is mainly dependent on agriculture and so is the economy of dehradun. But in tha last 20 years after the formation of separate state and dehradun becoming the capital the economy of dehradun is fast growing. The economy of dehradun is now flourishing in other fields of  commerce , trade, information technology as well as tourism.  The establishment of Uttarakhand tourism development board, IT Park in Dehradun and Special Econimic Zones in dehradun is transforming dehradun into the hub of economic activities. Dehradun is also getting better connectivity to the Delhi NCR region with Bigger and better highway infrastructure which is adding to fast Infrastructure development with city in terms of housing and shopping complexes. 

Dehradun economy is mainly growing towards the service sector. This is because of many factors which makes it ideal service industry destination like IT, Hotel, Tourism and more. 

About Digital Marketing

As we know that we are now living in the digital world. From morning till evening we are connected with digital devices like our smart phones, laptops, smart TVs spending our time on websites, apps, YouTube, Facebook , Instagram and more.

As the world is evolving so is the marketing technique.


Earlier business used to connect and communicate with their audinence theough Tv Ads, Radio , Newspaper, hoarding etc that were traditional media but now they have understood or understanding that the use of traditional media is going down and now their audience are more using digital media s it is wise and better to use digital media to connect with them. So here comes Digital Marketing which mean marketing of product and services using digital medias like websites, apps, social media etc. 

Now every business is creating their websites to showcase their product and services, connecting with their audiences on Facebook , Instagram and promoting themselves through YouTube channels and videos and they need digital marketing professionals to do the same for them.

Scope of Digital Marketing In Dehradun, Uttarakhand

As we said earlier dehradun is fast growing into a service industry hub because of the focus of government on service sector such as IT and Tourism. With increase in tourism activities across uttarakhand more and more hotel and resorts will be opening. With improvement in transportation the number of tourists will be increasing. Tourism industry totally depends on digital marketing for their business so it is going to fuel scope of digital marketing in dehradun.

So there are going to be more and more IT Service and Tech Service companies that would be coming to dehradun and they will require digital professionals for their clients that will also increase scope of digital marketing in dehradun.

Apart from this there are many more reasons as to why dehradun will grow as a IT Hub , read them below


    1. Peaceful area Ideal for a service industry which only requires a building to operate not a big plant and other tantrums associated with it.
    2. Supply of Talent to service industry from the schools and institutes for which dehradun is famous for.
    3. Affordable living making it an attractive destination to establish a service company.
    4. Best of infrastructure and transportation facility available from rail, bus and air transport.
    5. Clean Environment and so much of leisure destinations around for a break from daily work.

In the future if the government of uttarakhand place a better proposal in front of big IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc for establishing their offices in dehradun with so many reason as to why, we believe they will definitely consider it and Doon Valley have the potential to become the Silicon Valley of India. At that point of time more and more digital professionals will be preferring job location dehradun over other cities like Delhi , Noida, Gurgaon and others , so learn digital marketing today in dehradun and stay ahead of coming times.

Hashtag Academy Dehradun

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